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Global Digital Alliance is a global movement of leaders to prioritise the digital inclusion in education.


Our Mission

To kindle a global movement for facilitating collaborative actions to bridge the digital divide.

Our Initiatives

Dialogues for digital inclusion

This aims at amplifying the collective voice that drives the change.

Collaborative actions

To bring together stakeholders and enable them to work in collaboration so as to bridge the digital divide.

Research and advocacy

To bring credible information, real-world case studies, and evidence-based data for learning & implementation.


Agenda 2030

The aim to bridge the digital divide for 100 million students is through ensuring:

Access to Digital Infrastructure

Access to Internet Connectivity

Teachers' Professional Development

Bringing together digital promises from Samaaj, Sarkaar & Bazaar.


Digital Inclusion Summit 2024

Digital Inclusion Summit is a dialogue forum which brings leaders together from all across the world who are connected with the one dream of bridging the digital divide.

2nd Feb 2024 | Le Méridien, New Delhi
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